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Parasitin takes our #4 spot because it contained 3 of 4 recommended ingredients, utilizes the traditional and less efficient capsule delivery method, and did not have 24-hour customer service.

First, the formula does not contain Chanca Piedra or any other recognizable liver-support ingredient. We always recommend taking a liver-support supplement with any detoxification or cleanse, and a parasite cleanse is no different. Detoxifying your body requires a lot of work by the liver, and to ensure the process is safe and effective, we do not recommend a parasite cleanse that doesn’t take this into account.

Secondly, the formula comes in the less efficient capsule delivery system. Again, liquid supplements are easier for the body to absorb and less taxing on the digestive system. We don’t want to put any unnecessary stress on the digestive system since a parasite cleanse is supposed to help improve your digestion.

Lastly, the company’s website was not very informative and that gave us pause. It’s always nice to see a company take the time to educate their customers on how their products work. It inspires trust, and shows the company is truly dedicated to natural health.

With that said, Parasitin takes our #4 spot as an effective parasite cleanse.


Cloves, Wormwood, Black Walnut Hull, Red Clovers, Neem, Pomegranate Root Bark, Red Cinchona, Sesame Seeds, Papain, Sacred Lotus.

 1. Liquid Delivery: No

 2. Ingredients: 3 of 4

 4. Money-Back Guarantee: Yes

 5. 24-Hour Support: No

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